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ESHA's Food Processor Nutrition Analysis and Fitness Software

The Food Processor is internationally recognized as one of the most accurate and complete nutrition analysis systems. Whether you are creating recipes and menus, conducting medical research, providing dietary counselling, educating others, or are just plain thirsty for knowledge, this system is a powerful tool. It features one of the food industry's top-rated databases, with a comprehensive food selection. ESHA’s rigorous nutrient data cross-checking and research-based enhancement ensures that you are working with trustworthy, high-quality data – something that Nu Connexions can say is not always the case with other companies that “enhance” or add to USDA and CNF government nutrient data.


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FoodProdigy Online Companion

FoodProdigy is the free online companion to The Food ProcessorSQL. It allows the clients of dietitians and nutrition counsellors to conveniently and immediately document their dietary intakes and activities from their own personal computer rather than relying on memory or keeping a journal by hand. You, in turn, have an accurate record, free of transcription errors. For more information on what this unique program can do for you, visit

Diet Analysis
The Food Processor allows you to quickly and accurately analyze dietary intakes. Data entry is intuitive, allowing you to enter foods in either common or metric measurements. Instantly compare client intake against recommended standards or average the values for an unlimited number of daily intake records. The Food Processor database allows you to analyze for as many as 133 nutritional components.

Fitness & Weight Management
Create personalized profiles by age, weight, height, gender, and activity level. You specify American, Canadian, or customized standards. As you enter recommendations for weight gain or loss and special dietary needs, calories and calorie-dependent nutrients are quickly recalculated by the program. Select from 654 individual exercises to design weekly exercise plans for your profiles and work with an unlimited number of average daily intakes.

Recipe & Menu Planning
Enter ingredients using common product names and attach preparation notes. Scale recipes for serving size or larger batches. Bring a recipe into a daily menu as a single item and effortlessly average nutritional data for a full week of menus.

Enter recipes from the many raw ingredients available, or choose from thousands of ready-to-eat items available in ESHA's renowned database (with 165 nutrients and nutrient factors, and nutrient data carefully integrated from over 1200 scientific information sources).

Priority Support
Each purchase of The Food Processor includes one full year of Priority Support. ESHA's professional staff will work with you to solve problems and maximize productivity. You have access to technical support, customer service, data researchers, dietitians, and people knowledgeable about the work you do. Priority Support also includes free program updates, free database updates, discounts on products, free use of the web companion Food Prodigy, and much more.


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