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Information About ESHA Research's Software Products

ESHA Research has one of the world's most renowned nutrient databases!  Whether you want to analyze a person's diet, you're involved in advanced nutrition research, or you work in food product development and nutrition labeling, ESHA Research has products designed for your needs.

ESHA’s rigorous nutrient data cross-checking and research-based enhancement ensures that you are working with trustworthy, high-quality data – something that Nu Connexions can say is not always the case with other companies that “enhance” USDA nutrient data.

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Food & Agricultural Photography Services

Canadian Food Label Consulting & Nutrient Analysis


Nutrition Labelling and Product R&D Software



Genesis Nutrition Labelling and Product R&D Software


The Food Processor Nutrition & Fitness Software



Nutrient Analysis & Physical Activity Software for Nutrition and Health Professionals


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